You’re Invited… Have You Responded? – Part 2

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You’re Invited… Have You Responded? – Message Outline

  • Jesus issues a number of invitations to us that we will miss out on if we do not respond and accept.
  • If we accept His invitations and respond affirmatively, we can come into a whole new world with God that will touch every area of our lives and connect us with His power that will put us on the pathway of His purpose.

Come and See

(John 1:35–39, John 1:40–42,)
  • What do you want? What are you seeking? What is the central inspiration underlying all of your life’s activities? Where are you going? Why are you going there?
  • I don’t think you’d be reading this if you weren’t a seeker. Others might not suspect it of you at all, but God always sees the heart.
  • For those that are seeking, the invitation is clear: Come and see. Check Him out. Jesus invites you to investigate. If you will come with an honest, humble heart, He will reveal Himself.
  • Most of the time, that invitation to come and see is issued through His people.
  • As His people, we need to invite others as well.

Follow Me

(John 1:43, John 1:44–46, Mark 1:16–18, Acts 2:22–23, Acts 2:36–41, Acts 17:1–4, John 4:28–30, John 4:39–42, Acts 9:36–39,)
  • Jesus says, “Yes, come and see. Come and find out who I am. Go ahead and investigate. Come with your questions, but come with an honest heart; and I will convince you. Then once you’re convinced, you need to follow me.”
  • The invitation to follow Him is about reaching others; but it’s not robotic or unnatural. It can be as simple as saying, “Come and see.”
  • The moment we begin to talk about reaching out to others, some are riddled with guilt. They feel like they aren’t good Christians because their only idea of witnessing is to go stand in front of a department store and hand out tracts to strangers.
  • Yes, there are times when God will take you out of your comfort zone when it comes to obedience to him; but most generally God wires us up and gives us desires to share Christ in a way that’s very natural to who He has made us to be.
  • There are as many different methods of reaching souls for Christ as there are people.
  • Let’s quickly talk about six different ways of fishing for men.
  • Confrontational: Some will only respond when boldly confronted with the truth and their need to repent. God has equipped certain believers with a combination of personality, gifts, and desires that makes it very natural for them to confront others. If that’s you, do it. Be yourself. We don’t want to change you. Just endeavor to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit because not everyone is going to respond to confrontation.
  • Intellectual: It’s not about bombarding someone with your intellectual arguments. It’s about a heart trying to reach another person’s heart through the gateway of that person’s intellect. You might be wired up to love biblical arguments; and some will only respond to the invitation if their questions are answered well and systematically. But just remember to stay connected to your heart because it’s not all about just the head. Heart and head must be put together.
  • Testimonial: Have you got a story of how you were saved, or maybe God put your marriage back together that was coming apart at the seams? Maybe you were healed? Someone needs to hear your story. God will use it. Maybe you need to write it down to think about how you can share it briefly in a non-preachy way to someone if God gives you the opportunity.
  • Relational: There’s great power in just sharing with those you have a relationship with. A rippling effect takes place. Maybe you just have to live a godly, changed life in front of them. Pray for them; and then when the opportunity comes, share with them. I wonder if we will just get busy reaching our families how that might translate out into the salvation of our cities? What might God do?
  • Invitational: You might not feel comfortable articulating the gospel to someone. Just ask them to come to church with you and offer to take them to lunch after.
  • Serving: Serve others. Through hospitality, through giving, and through just being kind to someone, you can cause a heart to open to the gospel. Even baking someone cookies can go a long way in softening a person’s heart and helping bring them to Christ. Many already know what to do to become a Christian. All they are lacking is for someone to put the gospel in work clothes and show them kindness to soften their heart enough to respond to the message.
  • Whatever the case, be faithful to share Jesus in your own style and with the method God directs. All of us fit in somewhere, and we have all been called to be fishers of men. He will use our personality, our wiring, our gifting, and our desires to do that.
  • Someone in your world will listen if you will just speak up.

You’re Invited… Have You Responded? – Part 2

There are as many different methods of reaching souls for Christ as there are people. In this message, discover six different ways of fishing for men!


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