Regain Your Cutting Edge

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Regain Your Cutting Edge

(Scriptures: 2 Kings 6:1–7, Hebrews 5:11)
  • Perhaps you could look at a particular time in your life and say, “I was growing in the things of God. I was excited about what God was doing and the progress I was making.”
  • Could you say the same thing now? Are you still going forward? Are you still gaining ground in God? Are you still deeply in love with Jesus? Are you excited about God’s house and what the Spirit of God is doing? Is the Word of God still impacting your life?
  • Or, have you lost your edge? Have you lost that spiritual sharpness . . . that sensitivity of heart that allows you to move forward in the things of God?
  • One of the main indicators of a lost spiritual edge is diminished sensitivity to the voice of God and the impressions of the Holy Spirit.
  • If you no longer hear the whisper of God’s Spirit, and you find it hard to discern God’s hand in the affairs of life, it’s time for you to regain your cutting edge.
  • Another big indicator of a lost cutting edge is diminished usefulness as an instrument in God’s hands.
  • The church is Jesus’ means of bringing people into His Kingdom. God has no Plan B’s. His only plan is the church.
  • When we are sharp, the Lord uses us to bring people into His kingdom.
  • If you have lost your cutting edge, how do you get it back?
Don’t Condemn Yourself, but Take Responsibility
  • None of us are exempt from possibly losing our cutting edge. Even good, spiritual people lose their cutting edge.
  • Do not condemn yourself, but assume responsibility.
  • As long as you blame someone or something else, you will never regain what you have lost.
  • If you have lost your cutting edge, no one took it from you. You have to take responsibility.
Don’t Keep Going Through the Motions
  • Some go through the motions for days, weeks, months . . . even years. They lost their edge long ago. They have made no progress, received no guidance, and even had no original thoughts in years. They still like to hear the Word, but it has no impact on their lives. No one else knows their true state.
  • If you have lost your cutting edge, stop! Take a candid examination of your life. If you just carry on, nothing will change.
  • Ask yourself: Am I growing? Am I bearing fruit? Am I still in love with Jesus? Is that love deepening? Is my faith growing? Or, am I just going through the motions?
  • Quit faking it!
  • Go to the Right Place.
  • Under the New Testament, we go directly to our Master, Jesus. He alone can restore what was lost. No one else can do it.
  • If you want to regain your cutting edge, you have to go to Jesus. Get your eyes off of men and get your eyes on Him.
Where Did It Fall?
  • Those who have lost their edge can generally take you to right where it happened.
  • Where did it fall? Was it when you started hanging around with certain people? When you got in strife with someone? Was it some area of disobedience that you have never made right with God?
  • It might be painful, but I have got some good news: He will go there with you back to that place. You don’t have to go there by yourself.
The Wood (Scripture: Isaiah 51:1)
  • At Calvary, the bitter waters of life turned sweet. Healing was purchased for the whole man.
  • Through Calvary, what has been lost can be recovered. A heart as hard as iron and sunken down in the muddy waters of sin can swim freely in the glorious grace of God.
  • Salvation, peace, purpose, joy, blessing… it all comes through Calvary.
  • If you have lost your zeal and love for God and people . . . if you have lost your joy in serving, and your sensitivity to God’s Spirit . . . take a fresh look at Calvary. That’s where Jesus nailed our failures to the tree—where God’s rescue intercepted our rebellion.
  • You don’t need anything new. If you want to be restored, go back to Calvary. Go back to the cross.
God’s Part
  • Once you cry out to Him, return with Him to the place where your edge was lost, and get your eyes on what He has done for you through Calvary. Then the miraculous can happen.
  • God will bring the cleansing, the healing, and the restoration of sensitivity and usefulness.
  • Your cutting edge is available. See it there in the spirit realm. God is faithful to do His part.
Your Part
  • God is always faithful to do His part. The final thing is your part: Reach out and take it for yourself.
  • No one can do it for you.
  • We reach out and take what God provides by faith.
Final Thought (Scripture: Proverbs 27:17)
  • We will never reach our optimum sharpness without others. God loves the church. He loves His house. God loves it when His people gather.
  • So let iron sharpen iron. We can reach our optimum sharpness when we get others involved in our journey.

Regain Your Cutting Edge

Have you lost your edge? Was your relationship with God once closer and more vibrant? Do you feel dull, tired, lethargic, or low? The good news: God is a God of restoration. He wants to re-sharpen your cutting edge so you can live a life of power and clear-cut purpose in His presence.


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