The Significant Life

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The Significant Life – Message Outline

(Using the word S-I-G-N as an acrostic to share with you four elements of a significant life)

S—Speaks Through Giving

(Hebrews 11:4, Hebrews 11:1, Matthew 6:21,)
  • If giving to God’s work is way down on our priority list, then God is way down on our priority list.
  • Sin always interrupts our relationship with God.
  • A significant person makes the decision to be consistently generous with their life and resources.
  • All the cars, clothes, and toys we buy might be nice, but they don’t speak with an eternal voice. Yet what we give to God and His kingdom continues to speak for generations.

I—Invests in Others

(John 17:4, John 17:6–8, 2 Corinthians 12:15, Galatians 6:9,)
  • The significant life invests in others, and that goes beyond money. There is an investment of time, wisdom, and knowledge as well.
  • We need to invest in the coming generations.
  • We all have something of the strength of God. Whatever is strong in you, you need to pass that on to the coming generations. Consciously invest it in others.
  • When we pour out into others, we may not be gratified with an immediate response. That can be discouraging.
  • God might give us the joy of thrusting in the sickle and bringing in the fruit from the seeds we plant. Sometimes someone will come along after us and have the opportunity to thrust in the sickle.
  • There can never be a harvest if someone isn’t willing to first invest and plant seeds.
  • A territorial attitude is so anti-kingdom. God wants us to invest in others.
  • You can’t work yourself out of a job in the kingdom. The more you invest in others, the more valuable you become.


(Ecclesiastes 5:2, Luke 12:16–21,)
  • Gratitude is significant because it helps us keep a proper perspective. It demonstrates dependence.
  • God alone is our sustainer and our source, and gratitude helps us keep that in mind. In fact, a spirit of humility and thankfulness is one of the greatest legacies we can pass on to the next generation.
  • A significant life is a thankful life. It is a life filled with gratitude to God.

N—Not Concerned with Being in the Spotlight

  • We began by talking about a sign that points to God. The sign is never to be the center of attention. It merely points to where our focus should be.
  • Do we photobomb Jesus? This life is really all about Him, but do we insist on being in the picture? Do we want to make sure our name gets remembered?
  • Again, we’re meant to be a sign pointing to Him. It is not about us, but Him.

The Significant Life

How do you make a difference in this world?

Join Bayless as he uses the word S-I-G-N as an acrostic to share with you four elements of a significant life: being consistently generous with our resources, investing ourselves in others, living a thankful life, and not vying for the spotlight.

A truly significant life in the scope of eternity is a life that points others to Jesus. Live a significant life!


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