Prayers in the Wilderness | Part 1

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Prayers in the Wilderness

  • We’ll be looking at prayers that Moses prayed—conversations he had with God after the Israelites crossed the Red Sea and began traveling through the wilderness.
(Scriptures: Exodus 15:22–26, Exodus 17:2–6, Ephesians 1:11, Exodus 32:7, Exodus 32:11, Exodus 32:14, Exodus 32:30–33, Exodus 33:12–17, Exodus 33:18–19, Numbers 11:4–6, Numbers 11:16, Psalm 142, Numbers 12:1–2, Numbers 12:13, Numbers 14:20–23, Numbers 14:28–29, John 3:14, Numbers 20:7–12, Deuteronomy 3:23–27,)
  • God revealed Himself as Israel’s Healer—Jehovah Rapha, the Lord your Physician—before He gave them the Law, almost like a mother tends to the physical well-being of her child before she sees to the child’s education.
  • God wants the newest babe in Christ to be introduced to Him as Healer. It’s one of the top things on His agenda.
  • God is a Healer by nature. What He is by nature is not dispensational.
  • Healing is associated with redemption, because when we apply Calvary to the bitter waters of life they are made sweet.
  • There is nothing wrong with simply praying, “God, help!”
  • The Lord works things after the counsel of His own will, not ours. If we try to dictate how God should work, it limits our ability to perceive Him working.
  • We sometimes miss the answers God brings because we’ve painted Him in a box and expect Him only to work a certain way.
  • Quit telling God how to do His job.
  • As believers, we’re to be praying prayers of intercession. That means we pray and stand in the gap for others.
  • We need to pray for our leaders.
  • God’s presence is the one thing that sets us apart as believers from the rest of the world.
  • People are watching you because there’s something different and appealing about you. It’s the presence of God
  • “God, show me Your glory!” is a great prayer to pray because not many pray it. You’ll find yourself in a very select company because most people only pray about their own personal needs.
  • Pray, “God, I don’t want anything from You for myself or anybody else; I just want to know You.”
  • We can get as close to God as we desire.
  • God loves an honest heart. When your heart is overwhelmed, talk to God about it.
  • Be yourself when you pray, and don’t think you need to say a bunch of extra stuff. God is not impressed, and He already knows what you need.
  • No amount of intercession will keep you from partaking of the things that you speak as a habit of life. You will get what regularly comes out of your heart and mouth.
  • On Calvary’s tree, Jesus swallowed up everything that the devil had thrown at the human race. He swallowed up sickness, grief, broken-heartedness, sin, and everything that has gone wrong with humanity.
  • Anyone that beholds God’s sacrifice on Calvary’s tree—not just with a quick glance, but with a steady and absorbing gaze—they can live.

Prayers in the Wilderness | Part 1

Moses had some incredibly interesting conversations with God after the Israelites crossed the Red Sea.

We can learn and apply Moses’ wilderness prayers in order to grow closer to God and see a real difference in our lives and relationships.

Keep first things first as you improve your communication with your Creator!


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