August 3, 2022


As we continue our consideration of prosperity, I want to turn your attention to Luke 12:31,

“But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you.”

This is a simple but powerful principle for life: We have to put God’s Kingdom first if we are to realize God’s prosperity.

A lot of Christians get caught up in the drive for prosperity and forget that God’s greatest desire is for us to pursue His Kingdom. In fact, I think some of God’s children today are frustrated as they are endeavoring to prosper. They can see the promise of prosperity in the Word, yet they are coming up short, and they are asking, “God, what’s up?”

I really think this is an issue of the heart. God is not prospering them because they may not be mature enough spiritually to handle the degree of prosperity they are seeking. It might do them harm.

This brings to mind a young coworker of mine from a number of years ago. He was a believer but was struggling financially. One night we were in a restaurant after work when he shared a difficult struggle he was going through.

We prayed that God would do something supernatural to help him in his time of need. Two days later, he got an unexpected inheritance. It was huge! And you know what? The next week he wasn’t at work. Instead he was out partying. All of a sudden, his church life stopped and he walked away from his relationship with God. He didn’t have the maturity to handle the success.

I think success has ruined more people than failure. It has been said that money is the most dangerous thing God can put into your trust.

Seek after God. And when He prospers you, keep seeking after Him!

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