October 16, 2019

Bayless is coming to Freiburg, Germany

Join us on October 16th at 7:30pm at “Christengemeinde Freiburg,” and don’t forget to bring your friends along.

Come and find answers for your life, we look forward to seeing you!


Christengemeinde Freiburg e.V.
Ziegelhofstraße 200
79110 Freiburg-Lehen
Telephone: +49 0761 84006
Email: info@cgfr.de
Website: www.cgfr.de


Find the event location and get driving directions in Google Maps.


If you need a taxi:
Taxibetrieb Peters und Reinke:  +49 761 555777
Taxi A. Hercher: +49 761 42222


Tourist Information:
For more tourist information about Freiburg, please visit this website: https://visit.freiburg.de/en/plan-your-trip/accomodations-in-freiburg

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