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  • Building Strong Families (1/2)

    Building a strong family isn’t a mystery. It only takes one thing to completely change the trajectory of your home.

    In part one of “Building Strong Families,” Pastor Bayless takes you to Psalm 127 to show you how God can put your family on a solid foundation when you fully rely on His guidance in building it.

    Find out how you can tap into supernatural power for your home in this encouraging message!

  • The Grace That Comes from Giving (2/2)

    All of us, at some time or another, need help. But what happens when you let God deliver you out of your need so that you can then pour into others’ lives?

    That’s what Pastor Bayless talks about in part two of his message “The Grace That Comes from Giving.” You’ll discover how a special grace is deposited in your life when you put others first.

    Listen in now and learn how you can experience a deeper filling of God’s grace today!

  • The Grace That Comes from Giving (1/2)

    Generosity always brings blessings for both the giver and the receiver. And those blessings can result in radical life transformation. But it all begins with giving.

    Pastor Bayless shows you how you can experience these life-transforming blessings in part one of his message, “The Grace That Comes from Giving.”

    Find out how you can experience grace upon grace when you listen to this insightful teaching!

  • Four Keys to Successful Living (2/2)

    Is this life simply meant to be endured, or is it actually possible to have true meaning and fulfillment during your time on earth?

    In part two of his message “Four Keys to Successful Living,” Pastor Bayless unpacks how to live a life full of God’s rich blessings—full of purpose, passion, peace, and play. 

    Listen in and discover how you can experience the beautiful, fulfilling life God has for you!

  • Four Keys to Successful Living (1/2)

    What is it that really makes a successful life? Money? Fame? Or is there much more to living with the joy and purpose you are meant to have?

    In part one of “Four Keys to Successful Living,” Pastor Bayless lays the groundwork for how you can discover what stirs your spirit and ignites a fire in you—all so you can live a truly successful life.

    Find out how you can elevate your living to new heights in this inspiring message!

  • What Yoke Are You Wearing? (Full Message)

    In the Scriptures, the image of the yoke is used to symbolize connection to someone or something else—and it can have either positive or negative connotations.

    And in his message "What Yoke Are You Wearing?" Pastor Bayless Conley takes you through several examples in God's Word to help you discern what you are yoked or tied to and to encourage you to put on the yoke of Jesus

    Listen now and find the restful yoke of the Savior.

  • The Intervention of Angels

    There’s so much confusion in our culture today about angels. Who are they? What do they do? And how can they help you?

    In “The Intervention of Angels,” Pastor Bayless shares a powerful first-hand account of the work of angels in his life and shows you what God’s Word says these ministering spiritual beings are sent to do for you.

     Unleash the power of angelic presence in your life with “The Intervention of Angels”!

  • Love Like God

    When Jesus came into the world, it was the ultimate expression of God’s love for humanity. And as followers of Christ, we’re to reflect that same love to a world in need.

    In his special Christmas message “Love Like God,” Pastor Bayless shares how God empowers you to love the unlovely, the undeserving, and the unworthy…just as Jesus loves you.

    Learn to shake off bitterness and love like God loves in this eye-opening message!

  • How to Overcome the Storms of Life

    Everyone experiences storms in life—those tempest-tossed seasons of difficulty in your marriage, your finances, your health, or any other area of your life. But the Bible has certain promises of deliverance for you in those times.

    In his message “How to Overcome the Storms of Life,” Pastor Bayless shows you how God’s Word will bring you through the tough seasons.

    Find your way out of the darkness with this powerful message!

  • The Power of a Promise

    Difficult times come to all of us…but if you’ve got a promise, you have a reason to praise!

    That’s what Pastor Bayless encourages you to do in his message, “The Power of a Promise.” You’ll discover how the Bible is filled with specific promises to help you through life’s trials and adversities.

    Listen today and deepen your trust in the One who’s promised to deliver you!

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