Great Pursuits (What Matters Most in Life)

Go after that which matters most to live a life of joy and victory!


What do you care about most?

What are you going after in life?

The Scriptures are very specific about certain things we should be pursuing—otherwise we could miss out on benefits that God actually has planned for us.

Bayless digs deep into several of these important pursuits in his 3-part series, Great Pursuits (What Matters Most in Life).

You will learn to…

…pursue God through His Word, creation, and other ways He reveals Himself.

…pursue happiness both for yourself and those around you.

…pursue spiritual gifts in a spirit of love (so those gifts can be effective).

…pursue healthy growth in character and godly perspective.

…pursue hospitality so you can successfully reach and influence others.

…pursue attitudes and behaviors that glorify God and lead to a life of victory.