Three Things That Point Humanity to God

Listen to Bayless Conley’s message “Three Things That Point Humanity to God” to see how God moves heaven and earth to reveal Himself to humanity.


In God’s view (and His is the only one that truly matters), everyone in the world is in one of two groups: ‘lost’ or ‘saved,’ or as the apostle Paul put it, ‘in Adam,’ or ‘in Christ.’

For those in Adam, God will move heaven and earth to show them the way into a relationship with Christ. In his message “Three Things That Point Humanity to God,” Bayless Conley reveals how God’s Law, His Creation, and your inner voice, which echoes God’s heart, all illuminate the way to Him.

Discover the great lengths God goes to in order to reveal the gospel truth to all humankind. It’s a love story as fascinating as it is powerful.