Broadcast | How to Experience God’s Peace in Anxious Times

We live in anxious times. And if you are prone to worry, the challenges of your personal life and the world we live in make it even harder to keep your sanity. But it’s God’s will for you to experience His supernatural peace in every circumstance of your life, no matter how turbulent things get.

Jesus wants to give you peace and rest. Let Bayless Conley show you from the Bible how the peace of God can keep you from feeling anxious when normal reasoning says you should be worried. It really is possible to have a peaceful life, so find freedom from worry today!

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  • Dear support-team-member of Answers-BC

    Please send my deepest “ thank you” to Pastor Bayless.

    I’ve been living on his faithfull stream of teachings and preaching for decades, driving to work I sometimes listened to as much as 4 teachings a day. It has built me up and the hardest of times, I came through, because of what was invested and deposited in me.

    Please let him know, that he should never doubt, if what he did, was enough. (Nor the team around the pastor)
    It is because of his faithfulness, honesty and integrity, his being the salt, shining Gods light, without forgetting his humanity, that lambs and sheep are fed and fit globally!

    Pastor Conley, distributes Spirit and life of the most wonderfull God, most high, that is a great blessing!

    Kind regards,

    Bart van Brakel

  • David says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful Words God has inserted Into your Heerts. I love listening.

    Thanks God bless
    David John

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