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I want to share something with you today that is absolutely central to our faith and Christian living.

In Joshua 23:14, Joshua was giving his farewell address not long before his death and he said this:

“Behold, this day I am going the way of all the earth. And you know in all your hearts and in all your souls that not one thing has failed of all the good things which the Lord your God spoke concerning you. All have come to pass for you; not one word of them has failed.”

My friend, God’s promises can be trusted—not one of them ever fails!

That is why I want to point you to the promises of God’s Word today. Whatever you are going through, find a promise that covers your situation. Read it in its context. Cross-reference it. Meditate on it. Then embrace it.

Years ago I taught a course in our Bible school on divine healing.

I remember a young woman attending who had recently become a member of our church. She had never learned about divine healing before, but had been told instead that all that stuff had just faded from use.

Let me tell you something. What God is by nature, He always is. When God says in Exodus 15:26, “I am the Lord who heals you,” He’s talking about His nature.

Every night after class, this young lady would go home, read the verses that I’d given in their context, and cross-reference them.

She continued to do the same thing night after night. She’d attend, take notes, then go home and study those promises, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning.

I found out later why she was so interested in this topic—she had a large tumor growing in her throat.

Early one morning after she had been up most of the night studying, she said out loud, “God, I believe this. This promise is for me. I ask you to heal me right now.”

That evening, she was on her way to church and got a tickling feeling in her throat. She pulled off at the side of the road and started to cough. She coughed and coughed until finally, she coughed up the tumor in her hand!

She rolled down the window, threw it out, and came to church and told everyone the story. Later, she went back to her doctor for a scan and sure enough, the tumor was gone. She was healed.

What did that?

It was the power of a promise. A promise from God that was embraced and acted upon.

When you study God’s promises, embrace them, and expect to see them at work, there’s nothing He can’t do in your life.

That’s why we’d love to send you Pastor Bayless’ message, “The Power of a Promise.” It’s our way to thank you for your partnership, which is helping bring the good news of our living Jesus to more people all over the world through Answers with Bayless Conley.

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