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  • The Difference Between Trusting and Leaning (2/2)

    Trusting in God’s plan and provision will sometimes make you look foolish in the eyes of the world—but you should do it anyway.

     In part two of “The Difference Between Trusting and Leaning,” Bayless Conley gives you practical guidance from God’s Word on how you can approach life’s challenges God’s way, even when it flies in the face of conventional wisdom.

    Learn to step out in faith even when it’s hard with this insightful message!

  • The Difference Between Trusting and Leaning (1/2)

    Scripture is clear that in life, you can either go the way of the world or follow God’s path. You can’t have it both ways.

    In part one of his message “The Difference Between Trusting and Leaning,” Pastor Bayless opens God’s Word and shows you why faith in God’s provision and plans is so much better than worldly wisdom.

    Listen and discover how your life can overflow with blessings when you look to God first.

  • He Is Risen

    No greater news has ever been shared than the message of Jesus’ resurrection. It’s the glue that holds our faith together.

    In this special Easter message called “He Is Risen,” Pastor Harrison Conley dives into the meaning behind the resurrection and uses the acrostic R-I-S-E-N to show you how it makes all the difference in your life today.

    Discover the eternal life that’s yours through the risen Jesus in this life-giving message!

  • The Holy Spirit’s Power and You (Full Message)

    When Jesus returned to heaven, He didn’t leave His followers weak and alone. Instead, He promised that they—and you—would receive power when the Holy Spirit came upon them: the same Holy Spirit that empowered Jesus to heal the multitudes.

    Discover what this means for you in Pastor Bayless Conley’s message “The Holy Spirit’s Power and You.” You’ll explore what being baptized in the Holy Spirit is really all about and how God wants to work through you as a witness for Christ—both where you live and around the world.

    Listen and learn how the Holy Spirit can change the world by changing you.

  • The Attitude of Gratitude (2/2)

    Thankfulness. The idea seems so simple, but how often do our lives really reflect gratitude toward our heavenly Father?

    In part two of his message “The Attitude of Gratitude,” Pastor Bayless shares the right response to the greatest gift of all—salvation in Jesus Christ—and how you can live your life out of thankfulness for that wonderful gift.

    Listen today and learn how you can make your life a thankful response to God for His indescribable gift!

  • The Attitude of Gratitude (1/2)

    One of the rarest qualities among people today is a truly grateful heart. But when God blesses us, thankfulness is the right response. So how can you cultivate a stronger attitude of gratitude for the gifts He’s given you?

    In part one of his message “The Attitude of Gratitude,” Pastor Bayless shows you what a grateful heart really looks like—and how you can be thankful even when circumstances aren’t going your way. 

    Discover the key to thankful living in this eye-opening message!

  • The Dead Church

    The Church today is under attack…and time is of the essence. We must open our eyes to the spiritual battle raging around us and give attention to the words of Jesus: “Wake up!”

    In his eye-opening message “The Dead Church,” Pastor Harrison Conley compares the Church today to the Church at Sardis in the book of Revelation—and shines some much-needed light on how we as a body, and as individuals, can awake from our spiritual slumber.

    Listen and learn how we can become the person—and the Church—God calls us to be.

  • The Lukewarm Church (2/2)

    The Christian life is one of constant overcoming. And one of the more challenging obstacles to overcome can be a lukewarm spiritual life.

    In part two of his message “The Lukewarm Church”, Pastor Bayless shows you what to do if you find yourself at a point where Jesus feels distant, and how He’s always there waiting for you to open your heart to Him again.

    Learn how you can revive your relationship with God when you watch this encouraging message!

  • The Lukewarm Church (1/2)

    Most Christians begin their spiritual life on fire for the gospel, but many find themselves just going through the motions at some point.

    In part one of Pastor Bayless’ message, “The Lukewarm Church,” you’ll discover what’s really happening in the heart of the lukewarm believer, and the steps you can start taking if you find yourself losing your passion.

    Find out what it takes to begin breaking free from lukewarm spirituality today!

  • Building Strong Families (2/2)

    The Bible says that children are like arrows in the hands of a warrior. But how do you raise those “arrows” to fly true when you release them?

    In part two of his message “Building Strong Families,” Pastor Bayless shares from Psalm 127 how to fulfill your role as a parent in preparing your children for the amazing journey ahead.

    Listen today and learn how God can transform your family life!

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