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Listen and Obey God

When God asks you to do something, it’s always for your good. But sometimes we’re so busy with our lives and so distracted that we never really hear what He has to say. In this message, Pastor Bayless shows you how to listen and obey the Lord. God wants to take you on the greatest adventure you’ll ever be on, and you would be amazed at what would happen when you grow in knowledge and understanding of Him.

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Answers to Life's Big Questions


Answers for Each Day Devotional

A new verse of Scripture and a personal reflection from Bayless for each day, pulled from his 365-day devotional book called Answers for Each Day. Come back daily, and let us help you find answers for your life and strengthen your walk with Christ.


How to Know God

We truly believe God will move heaven and earth to reach a heart that honestly seeks to know the truth. He can radically impact your life if you call out to Him with a sincere heart today.

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