January 22, 2023

Gaining the Wisdom of God

I think every Christian desires wisdom from God. But they don’t get it because they don’t understand how to receive it.

In Psalm 51:6, we are told,

…in the hidden part You will make me to know wisdom.

When God communicates His wisdom to us, He does it in that secret part. Whether it’s as we read His Word and a Scripture speaks to us, or whether the Holy Spirit just whispers to us. As Proverbs 20:27 tells us, The spirit of a man is the lamp of the Lord. In other words, God illuminates us through our spirit.

For example, maybe you are in a difficult financial situation and you just don’t know what to do. You are working, you are tithing, you are trusting God, you are doing all you need to do, but it seems like you can’t make ends meet.

Maybe what you need is wisdom. If you ask for it, God may speak something as simple to your heart as, “Go talk to this person.” Or, “Advertise in this magazine.” Or, “Call so-and-so and ask them to forgive you for the way you treated them.” Or He may just say, “Hold steady.”

Shortly after I was saved, I developed a physical condition I could not get any relief from. So I went to God and I said, “God, give me wisdom.” God spoke to me and said, “You need to stop drinking coffee.”

Now I did not want to hear that because I was a big coffee drinker. But you know what? After obeying God in that, almost immediately, that condition cleared up, and it has never been back.

God’s wisdom. He will speak to you. If you ask, He will make His wisdom known in the hidden part.

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